The Geology of SE Asia

SE Asia is probably the most tectonically complex geological province on the planet and is characterised by numerous (30+) small boutique mostly Tertiary-aged basins. The complex nature of the basins, the extreme variation between oil prone and gas prone basins (as highlighted by the figure below) and the dominance of ephemeral non-marine charge systems makes the petroleum geology of this region globally unique and combined with the local politics and geography it offers a diverse set of opportunity types which area potentially attractive to both large and small exploration companies alike.
The PGSEA Course has a 30 year pedigree and has been attended by 1500+ geologists over this period meaning most working exploration geologists in the region have attended the course at some time in their careers. Ian Longley has presented the Petroleum Geology of SE Asia industry course now for more than 15 years since taking the course over from his predecessor Dick Murphy who had presented the course since 1985. The course is designed and built for working professional petroleum geoscientists in the region and it covers the regional geological evolution, the petroleum geology and the exploration history (complete with scurrilous rumours and fabled stories) of the major hydrocarbon basins of SE Asia. It concludes with a discussion of future exploration hotspots that may emerge in the future.